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Med & Healt Jobs

our candidates: Doctors. nurses. Health personnel ( pharmacists; chemists…etc.).

Our clients: the whole diversity of the health sector : public and private hospitals; residences; health institutions ...

Med & Healt Jobs: We recruit and select medical and paramedical personnel in Spain. Our goal is to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and industries managing the interests and expectations of both parties.


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Work demand for Health Care

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farm Jobs

our candidates. medical professionals,pharmaceutical, scientists and technicians who work or wish to work in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries

Our clients. Pharmaceutical industry; Biotechnology industry; OTC/EFP; for Medical Devices and Diagnostics; insurance; and Pharmacies

Fama Jobs. Our selection and direct search, we can identify based on a thorough knowledge, the context of work and technical rigor in tests used, talent will lead to success in each company, department and business unit.

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Work demand for Pharmaceutical Industry

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Office work demand in Pharmacies

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Companies and Organizations

What is important to you is important to us. For almost 17 years Farma Med Jobs It offers the best solution for each project staff. Our goal is to combine the experience of each candidate with the right job within the industries of life sciences.

More of 17 years of experience working in the health sector support us.


We offer rigorous or work in the preparation of the pair candidates to provide all necessary documents, a selection that evaluates important aspect of personality as genetic techniques and skills for the job that includes the required language level.

Our main customers are Mutuas, hospitals, Prevention Services, Private clinics, Sociosanitarios services, Medical Services Business, companies engaged in research, development and production ethical drugs, generic, orphan drugs and OTC.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you.



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